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Book Cover Picture I SHOOT THE NEWS!
The Adventures of Will E. Hudson
First Newsreel Cameraman
in the Pacific Northwest
Bert & Margie Webber

Here are amazing stories of the life and work of Will E. Hudson, photographer:

  • His Japan and China Experiences 1905-1907
  • First Staff Photographer for Seattle Post-Intelligencer 1908
  • First newsreel cameraman in Pacific Northwest 1912
  • Staff cameraman for Harvard Museum Bering Sea-Arctic Expedition 1913. When his ship became beset in the ice, he and three others walked more than 500 miles through uncharted mountains in dead of winter to civilization
  • Became official Pathe Newsreel cameraman for Pacific Northwest 1916
  • Cameraman for Wilkins Arctic Expedition 1926
Will E. Hudson - First Newsreel Cameraman in the Pacific Northwest
Will E. Hudson
Some of the personalities Hudson photographed:
  • Emperor of Japan
  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen, China
  • Admiral Robley D. "Fighting Bob" Evans, USN
  • Presidents: William Howard Taft; Theodore Roosevelt; Woodrow Wilson
  • Duke of Connaught, Governor-General of Canada
  • Barney Oldfield, Auto Racer
  • J. G. "Tex" Rankin, Stunt Aviator
  • Jack Dempsey, World's Heavyweight Champion
  • Roald Amundsen, Arctic Explorer
  • Queen Marie of Romania
  • Samuel J. Hill, Founder of Maryhill Museum of Arts
  • Dr. Hugo Eckener, Builder, Commander, the Graf Zeppelin
165 Historic and Rare Photographs; Map; Bibliography; Index
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Book Cover Picture The Growing Season
Joyce Schillen
Whether the grower is a professional or hobby-gardener, Joyce Schillen's book provides excellent methods for raising vegetables and flowers. Not only does she write her weekly newspaper column "The Growing Season" in a casual and friendly style, she validates her writing in her own garden. She is a National Award winner from the Garden Writer's Association of America. Schillen's columns have been popular to the extent that collecting them in a book is now in order. Here is that book. Concise writing and many full color photographs of vegetables and flowers presents her subject well. 5x8 About 215 p. Biblio. Index. pbk. $14.95 Click to get order information
Book Cover Picture Oregon Covered Bridges
Bert and Margie Webber
Photos by John Snook and others
Here is information about Oregon's 65 covered bridges not found in other books. See present bridges, including six recently added bridges. How to drive to them. How to photograph them. Biblio. Gloss. 110p. 5x8 $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture The Oregon Trail
Memorial Half-Dollar (1926-1939)
Bert Webber
This is the most exquisite commemorative coin ever minted in the United States. It memorializes the masses of people who traveled the trail to settle the west. The 13-year production is the longest production of all other U.S. commemorative coins, but legislative SNAFU required an Act of Congress to stop minting them! Maps, photographs, Notes and Bibliography. 54 pages. pbk. 5x8 $4.95 Click to get order information

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