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When people of different cultures encounter each other, sparks frequently fly. Here we include books that address sociological issues of American Indians, Japanese-American World War-II experiences, and the Rajneesh.

Book Cover Picture People & Notes I & II
The Southern Oregon Symphonic Band
& Its Predecessor
The Hillah Temple Shrine Band

Bert Webber, Ed.
For the first time, we are presenting both edition of this popular book about a brass concert band. The book in blue cover, published 1994, and the new brown cover edition People and Notes II, published 1998 are both available. The earlier book reported on the band and its 55 active members. The 1998 book reports the expanded band with 76 members and additional activities. This concert band, one of the few bands in Oregon is sponsored by Hillah Shrine Temple - Ashland, and dates back nearly 90 years. Conductor John E. Drysdale brings this aggregation together into a unique ensemble of symphonic instrumentation. This is a fun but serious band whose volunteer members strive for Intonation, Tone Quality, Balance, Articulation and Dynamics. The band plays before large and small audiences in Southern Oregon and in Northern California and now operates as the Southern Oregon Concert Band,Inc., a non-profit group.
The books are sold separately.

BLUE BOOK - 1994 112 pages. 63 photos. Index. Serial numbered limited printing - $10.95 Click to get order information

BROWN BOOK - 1998. 176 pages. 152 photos, Index. Serial numbered limited printing - $12.95
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Book Cover Picture Rajneeshpuram
Who Were Its People?
Bert Webber
"…carefully written non-emotional work"
In Central Oregon: Why Rajneeshpuram was founded, how it operated; successes as major ecological, all encompassing no-waste innovative environmentally sensitive group. Why it failed. Peak population nearly 20,000 had full "city" services, bus, airport, now abandoned. Town and post office now closed. Postal history section identifies now very rare postage marks. On a public road, anyone can visit Oregon's greatest ghost town. No other book offers this amazing documented history. Biblio. Maps. Index. 125p.Hardback $24.95 - pbk. $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture The Rajneesh
And the U. S. Postal Service
Bert Webber
All those people (up to 20,000), and their demand for mail. The hassle to get a post office, its operations. Town and post office now closed. Postal history section identifies now very rare postmarks. Photos and maps of this once thriving metropolis. Here is unique recent Oregon history. 5x8 Biblio. Index. 78p.$9.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture John Beeson's
Plea For the Indians
His Long Cry in the Wilderness for Indian Rights; Oregon's First Civil Rights Advocate
John Beeson (1803-1889)
Introduction by Bert Webber MLS
Beeson witnessed brutality to Indians near Jacksonville, made public speeches, wrote articles declaring Indians had a right to live. Newspaper editor and clergy threatened him with tar-and-feathers but he escapes in the middle of the night. Went to Washington, D.C., NY, spent his life fighting for Indian rights. Reprint of his rare 1857 book provides Beeson's words, what he did. Detailed intro by Bert Webber sets stage, provides insight into this first civil-rights worker in Pacific Northwest. Only known photo of Beeson; his signature. Beeson genealogy constructed by Anne Billeter, Ph.D. Map. Biblio, Index. 5x8 160p. $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture
Lillian Baker Memorial Edition
American and Japanese
Relocation in World War II:
Pulitzer Prize
George Washington
Freedom Foundation
Lillian Baker
Intro. by Karl Bendetsen
Award winning research author addresses countless troublesome issues: It was military necessity, not racism, that forced the relocation of Japanese from the West Coast of the United States. (Germans and Italians were also moved.) This book pulls no punches. It's all here. Fully documented with unretouched photos and original data from the National Archives. Also reproduces the complete 1943 high school yearbook from Manzanar Relocation Center showing the camp exactly as it was. A valuable resouce for anyone studying this emotionally charged subject. 237p. 8x11 Maps. Charts. Glossary. Biblo. Index. $29.95 Click to get order information

Learn More About the Relocation

Book Cover Picture The japanning of America
Redress & Reparations Demands by Japanese-Americans
Lillian Baker
To "japan" is a method to "cover and conceal," (something painted over) applies here to the varnishing of historical truth and blackening of America's honor by persons of Japanese ancestry in U.S.A. and in Japan. Historical revision schemes of the last 30+ years has cost the American public billions (PL-100-383) in unwarranted money awards. What was "MAGIC"? 251p. 5x8. Maps. Charts. Photos. Biblio. Index. $14.95 Click to get order information

Learn More About the Relocation

Book Cover Picture Indians Along the Oregon Trail
The Tribes of Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho,
Oregon and Washington Identified

Bert Webber, MLS
Every tribe in these states that the Oregon Trail crosses is listed with village locations, language groups, populations by tribes to 1989, and all "also-known-as" names. Indexed. Historical essays on some tribes. Major biblio. Major index. Here is the most recent encyclopedia on these Indians. An irreplaceable resource for historians and writers. 208p. 5x8 pbk. Expanded Edition $17.95 Click to get order information

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