Japanese-American Relocation / Internment
on the West Coast of the U.S. in World War-II

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Emotionally, politically and racially charged, the issue of the Japanese-American Relocation during World-War II is an event that just won't go away. Claims have been made that American citizens were imprisoned against their will in "concentration camps," and that the entire fiasco was motivated by war time hysteria, racial bigotry, and opportunistic businesses that wanted to snap up property left behind by the evacuees. Counter claims have suggested that there was complete documented evidence to justify an evacuation of Japanese-Americans and Japanese nationals from the West coast of the United States, and that no American citizen was detained against their will by their own government. Tempers flare and positions become intractable.

When searching for truth, sorting the gold from the garbage is a difficult undertaking. Award winning researcher and writer Lillian Baker produced books that clearly show (warts and all) documented evidence of exactly what happened. Each book has a bibliography that will clearly inform all curious researchers. Her Pulitzer Prize nominated work is SO important that it resides in a special archive set aside at The Lillian Baker Collection at the Hoover Institution for War, Revolution and Peace at Stanford University. The archive is open to scholars.

Documented truth is the liar's worst nightmare. Despite a Pulitzer Nomination and the adherence to the Book Selection Criteria For Use in Schools and in Libraries, the California Legislature disregarded Baker's meticulous scholarship and passed a resolution that only material which toes their party line will be taught in California Public Schools, effectively "banning" Baker's books and their documentary resources in that state's educational system. Why are they so worried? See what the Pulitzer Prize Board nominated and the FACTS that those "in the know" don't want you to discover.

Book Cover Picture
Lillian Baker Memorial Edition
American and Japanese
Relocation in World War II:
Pulitzer Prize
George Washington
Freedom Foundation
Lillian Baker
Intro. by Karl Bendetsen
Award winning research author addresses countless troublesome issues: It was military necessity, not racism, that forced the relocation of Japanese from the West Coast of the United States. (Germans and Italians were also moved.) This book pulls no punches. It's all here. Fully documented with unretouched photos and original data from the National Archives. Also reproduces the complete 1943 high school yearbook from Manzanar Relocation Center showing the camp exactly as it was. A valuable resouce for anyone studying this emotionally charged subject. 237p. 8x11 Maps. Charts. Glossary. Biblo. Index. $29.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture The japanning of America
Redress & Reparations Demands by Japanese-Americans
Lillian Baker
To "japan" is a method to "cover and conceal," (something painted over) applies here to the varnishing of historical truth and blackening of America's honor by persons of Japanese ancestry in U.S.A. and in Japan. Historical revision schemes of the last 30+ years has cost the American public billions (PL-100-383) in unwarranted money awards. What were "MAGIC" messages? 251p. 5x8. Maps. Charts. Photos. Biblio. Index. $14.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Dishonoring America
The Falsification of WW-II History
Preface from Tokyo by Prof. Kiyoaki Murata
Lillian Baker
1943 Cover Picture: Disloyal Americans with dual-citizenship renounce their allegiance to the U.S.A. by marching in honor of the Emperor at Tule Lake, CA. At the Segregation Center they drilled to keep fit to fight in the Japanese Army against America and terrorized other Japanese who remained loyal to the U.S.A.
Today: Dissidents in Japanese communities in U.S. play historical revision game of rewriting and falsification of history where Americans lose and they win. The stakes are high, making Japan the victor at the cost of Dishonoring America and demeaning the sacrifices of WW-II veterans while costing U.S. taxpayers billions. Many Japanese Americans continue the "politically correct" America bashing today. This book passes criteria as "accurate" for use in schools and libraries. 168p. 5x8 Original pictures, Maps Biblo. Index. Glossary. $13.95
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