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Webb Research Group frequently pursues important historical events that no one else has bothered to dig deep enough to find. Meticulously documented matters of historical record are frequently dismissed as "myth" because detractors don't do their homework first.
Many of the books in this section are the result of years of painstaking research and the refusal to accept "popular" knowledge as fact until proven so.

Book Cover Picture SILENT SIEGE III
Japanese Attacks on North America
in World War II

Ships Sunk, Air Raids,
Bombs Dropped, Cilivians Killed

Bert Webber
This volume covers all Japanese attacks thus far discovered from Alaska to Mexico; shelling by Japanese Submarines on West Coast of the U.S. and Canada, Aleutian Islands, British Columbia, Southern California, and at Ft. Stevens, Oregon. How the Japanese Navy started forest fires; beach patrol; The Japanese American evacuation required by military necessity. Civilians (children) killed by Japanese in Oregon. Balloon intercontinental bombing incidents in 28 states and provinces identified. How the Japanese built atomic bomb to use against U.S. troops if Japan was invaded. Maps, Charts, Appendix, Biblo., Index. This book is THE ONE for all those who want to know more about the hushed up attacks on the U.S.A. No other book on this subject! 304p. 8½x11 450 pics plus maps. Limited number of paperback! $29.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture
Lillian Baker Memorial Edition
American and Japanese
Relocation in World War II:
Pulitzer Prize
George Washington
Freedom Foundation
Lillian Baker
Intro. by Karl Bendetsen
Award winning research author addresses countless troublesome issues: It was military necessity, not racism, that forced the relocation of Japanese from the West Coast of the United States. (Germans and Italians were also moved.) This book pulls no punches. It's all here. Fully documented with unretouched photos and original data from the National Archives. Also reproduces the complete 1943 high school yearbook from Manzanar Relocation Center showing the camp exactly as it was. A valuable resouce for anyone studying this emotionally charged subject. 237p. 8½x11 Maps. Charts. Glossary. Biblo. Index. $29.95 Click to get order information

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Book Cover Picture The japanning of America
Redress & Reparations Demands by Japanese-Americans
Lillian Baker
To "japan" is a method to "cover and conceal," (something painted over) applies here to the varnishing of historical truth and blackening of America's honor by persons of Japanese ancestry in U.S.A. and in Japan. Historical revision schemes of the last 30+ years has cost the American public billions (PL-100-383) in unwarranted money awards. What was "MAGIC"? 251p. 5½x8½. Maps. Charts. Photos. Biblio. Index. $14.95 Click to get order information

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Book Cover Picture Battleship Oregon
Spanish-American War Centennial (1898-1998)

Bert Webber
Our action-packed earlier book Battleship Oregon has been expanded! New edition honors Battleship Oregon which, in less than four hours, won the naval front of the war for the U.S. by sinking all of the Spanish Navy's Cuban Expeditionary Force almost single-handedly.
The Spanish-American War 32 cent U.S. Commemorative (1998) postage stamp "Remember the Maine" is added to page 1 with a special postmark honoring the centennial of the battle—July 3, 1998.

Limited to 1,000 serial numbered and author signed copies!

144p. 5½x8½ Amazing pictures, Crew List, rare postmarks, Append. Biblo. Index. $14.95 Shipping in USA add $2.50 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture TOP SECRET:
Details of the Planned WW-II Invasion
of Japan and how the Japanese Would Have Met It

The Japanese Atomic Bomb Dropped on American Troops by Kamikaze Pilots
James M. Davis and Bert Webber
Japan tested its A-Bomb after Nagasaki and planned to use it during U.S. November invasion of Japan. Had U.S. not bombed Hiroshima/Nagasaki and been forced to invade Japanese home islands instead, expect 1 million U.S. casualties, Japan 3 million. Invasion would have been a holocaust for both sides. 5½x8½ 88pg. 84 rare photos. Biblo. Index. Invasion Maps. American troop units identified. $9.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Panic! at Fort Stevens
Japanese Navy Shells
Fort Stevens, Ore. in WW-II

Bert Webber
Only 6 months after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Navy shelled the Oregon coast at the mouth of the Columbia River. Fort Stevens, a harbor defense post, had big guns and mortars to protect its river from invasion. Here are the facts about this attack and how the American Army reacted. Text based on the master book Silent Siege-III. 96p. 5½x8½ Maps 98 rare photos Biblo. Index. $9.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Aleutian Headache:
Deadly WWII Battles on American Soil
Bert Webber
In the 1920's, General Billy Mitchell declared the Aleutians were the jumping off place for an American attack on Japan. At the same time, Japanese were sending spies into the Aleutians to "check it out" for their own agenda. Here is fascinating narrative about American build up in the face of Japanese expansion. Details the seizure of American soil in Alaska by Japanese and the deadly allied attacks that expelled them. This is the only book on these subjects, which includes "How the Japanese Did It." 233 photos, 11 maps, 11 drawings. Rare Aleutian APO postmarks. 225p. 5½x8½. Append. Biblio. Index. $14.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Dishonoring America
The Falsification of WW-II History
Preface from Tokyo by Prof. Kiyoaki Murata
Lillian Baker
1943 Cover Picture: Disloyal Americans with dual-citizenship renounce their allegiance to the U.S.A. by marching in honor of the Emperor at Tule Lake, CA. At the Segregation Center they drilled to keep fit to fight in the Japanese Army against America and terrorized other Japanese who remained loyal to the U.S.A.
Today: Dissidents in Japanese communities in U.S. play historical revision game of rewriting and falsification of history where Americans lose and they win. The stakes are high, making Japan the victor at the cost of Dishonoring America and demeaning the sacrifices of WW-II veterans while costing U.S. taxpayers billions. Many Japanese Americans continue the "politically correct" America bashing today. This book passes criteria as "accurate" for use in schools and libraries. 168p. 5½x8½ Original pictures, Maps Biblo. Index. Glossary. $13.95
Click to get order information

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Book Cover Picture Battleship Oregon
Bulldog of the Navy
Bert Webber
Action packed sea battles! A biography of the ship that set more records, is most celebrated of all battleships worldwide and almost singlehandedly won the Spanish-American War for the U.S. The Battleship Oregon was a floating museum in Willamette River, Portland until recalled for WW-II service. It is the only US battleship (until the Gulf War) to serve in 3 wars! Rare material never published before! 141p. 5½x8½ Amazing pictures, Crew List, rare postmarks, Append. Biblo. Index. $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Old Fort Klamath, an Oregon Frontier Post 1863-1890
Buena Cobb Stone
Bert Webber, Editor
Fort Klamath was one of dozens of military posts that dotted the west over 100 years ago. Near Klamath Falls. Its part in Modoc Indian War. Genealogically rich-rosters of all officers and units; difficulties encountered by soldiers. 112p. photos. Biblio. Index. 5½x8½ $10.95

Book Cover Picture Camp White Oregon
The 91st Inf. (Fir Tree) Division
Chris Hald M.D.
with Bert Webber
Rugged WWII Infantry training and faux pas near Medford, Oregon. First hand account. The infamous 91-mile march. Book loaded with rare photos. Many never published before. Hald, from buck private to full Colonel of infantry. Maps. Biblio. Index. "Historically accurate, fun to read." 124p. 5½x8½ $9.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture The Pig War
The Journal of Wm. A. Peck, Jr.
Soldier - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1858-1862

William A. Peck, Jr.
C. Brewster Coulter, Senior Editor
Bert Webber, Special Editor
The "Pig War" is a historical fact: After a Yankee farmer shot a British Pig (1859) U.S. and British forces faced each other on San Juan Island (now part of Washington state) control of which was then in dispute. Peck, engineer-trained American soldier was sent to build the American fort. His day-to-day diary reveals his wallowing in rain and mud to do incredibly hard duty. His accounts are one-of-a-kind. The Site is now a National Historic Park open year around. Interpretive notes by Dr. Coulter, Ph.D. (Univ of Puget Sound) with observations by Bert Webber. Photos of what you see there today. Maps, Appendix, Notes, Biblio. Index. 237p. 5½x8½. $12.95 Click to get order information

Book Cover Picture Fort Laramie:
Outpost on the Plains

On the Oregon Trail - Indian Skirmishes - Rare Postmarks

Bert and Margie Webber
A major stopping place along the Oregon Trail for emigrants. An Outpost of Army with troops to protect pioneers. Also, a meeting place for whites to negotiate treaties with Indians. Featured the first Post office in Wyoming and is a National Historic Site of the National Park Service. Visitors can get caught up with the mood of the period while walking around the fort; listen to stories by Park Service guides. 68p. 8x11. 112 historical and new photos. Maps. Rare postmarks. Biblio. Index. $12.95 Click to get order information

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